Food & Hotel Hanoi 2023 International Exhibition – Opportunities and Cooperation

12/1/2023 3:18:45 PM

Food & Hotel Hanoi 2023 International Exhibition (FHH23) was an ideal opportunity for businesses in food, beverages and hospitality areas to strengthen business cooperation. With its large scale of organization, gathering hundreds of domestic and foreign culinary, restaurant and hotel brands, FHH23 was where companies could gather, promote their products and services and build long-time cooperative partnerships.

Opening Food and Hotel Hanoi 2023

With the vision and mission of an air catering service provider, VINACS did participate in this event to grasp and update on the market trend, seek opportunities and cooperation with suppliers in order to enhance product and service quality in the airline catering service industry.

Overview of the Food & Hotel Hanoi 2023 International Exhibition

Food & Hotel Hanoi 2023 International Exhibition took place in Hanoi from November 21st to 23rd, 2023, featuring the participation of hundreds of businesses in the food, beverage, restaurant, and hotel industries, ranging from manufacturers, distributors to retailers, culinary businesses, and hospitality services. This was a significant opportunity for brands to showcase their products and services to the public and potential customers. Moreover, the exhibition served as a venue for networking, exchanging ideas, and exploring potential partners to establish long-term cooperative relationships, aiming to expand the market and business development. Overall, participated businesses had thoroughly prepared high-quality products for display at their booths. Some booths also included product and service demonstration with experienced staffs who have both effective communication and product and service presentation skills.
In terms of scale: the exhibition attracted over a thousand specialized visitors, including many representatives from large businesses in the food, restaurant, and hotel industries. The exhibition space covered up to 6,000m2, with the participation of over 200 booths from domestic and international brands.
Regarding the content: the exhibition showcased a diverse range of products and services in the food, restaurant, and hotel sector including:
• Food ingredients: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, spices and processed products.
• Kitchen equipment, food processing equipment.
• Restaurant and hotel utensils and tools.
• Dining and entertainment services.
Additionally, the exhibition also organized various attractive programs such as summit conferences, culinary and mixology competitions, etc., which helped attendees stay updated on the latest industry information and explore collaboration opportunities.

Visitors and some booths at FHH23 International Exhibition

VINACS comments on Food & Hotel Hanoi 2023 International Exhibition

Participating FHH23 as invited guests, VINACS delegation, led by Mr. Nguyen Huy Thao - Deputy General Director, visited various booths, and met numerous partners with the aim of researching market and seeking collaboration opportunities with major brands, both domestic and international.

VINACS delegation participarting Food & Hotel Hanoi 2023

Making a speech at the tour, Mr. Nguyen Huy Thao - Deputy General Director said, "I am very pleased with the Food & Hotel Hanoi 2023 international exhibition. The delegation has discovered many innovative and high-quality products that can be applied at VINACS. Additionally, we also participated in various attractive programs, which helps us stay updated on the latest trend of the culinary and hospitality industry that could support the airline catering service sector."

VINACS delegation sharing feelings at FHH 2023

For Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quan - Marketing, Planning & Procurement Manager, the Food & Hotel Hanoi 2023 exhibition was a great opportunity for VINACS to seek new partners. “We have met many potential suppliers, both domestic and international, whose high-quality products can raise the standard of inflight food and services. I believe that this event will serve as a foundation for VINACS to continuously expand our market and further develop our business in the future”.

Overall, VINACS highly evaluated the quality of products and services displayed at the exhibition. The products were beautifully designed, had great quality, and met the needs of consumers. Food & Hotel Hanoi 2023 created opportunities for net-working between suppliers and partners, which contributed to the development of the airline catering service industry. Food & Hotel Hanoi 2023 was not only an event for updating information and trends but also a place for the F&B industry in general, and VINACS in particular, to continuously learn, develop additional skills and experiences, innovate, enhance service quality, expand the market, strengthen cooperation, and foster sustainable development.

VINACS continuously striving for improvement in air catering services 
With the goal of sustainable development and continuously enhance the quality of our services in the air catering area, VINACS outlines the current and future action plans to ensure the achievement of these goals:

Strengthening collaboration: VINACS is committed to fostering more collaborations in various areas such as food production and processing with companies in the aviation and tourism industries. This aims to create new products and services that meet customer requirements and elevate the brand recognition of partners.
Creation and innovation: Innovation is a crucial factor for business in general, and VINACS in particular, to develop new and diverse products, improving the quality of products and services to satisfied increasingly high quality demands. VINACS is investing in research and development, applying new technologies to the production and processing of meals, and continuously introducing new products and services to meet the evolving tastes and demands of both domestic and international customers.

Service quality enhancement: In addition to innovated products and high-quality meals, service quality also plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining customers. VINACS places a strong emphasis on enhancing service quality, from pre-production stages to aftersales relationships, with a team of professional and dedicated staff committed to customer services.


High quality products – Satisfying Customers

Sustainable development: VINACS consistently applies solutions to ensure sustainable development, such as promoting balanced and friendly to environment development throughout food production and processes. We continually enhance the awareness of our staff regarding environmental protection to foster sustainable development. This includes ensuring the good labor relations with employees, customers, and partners, guaranteeing transparency in operations, compliance with legal regulations, and effectiveness, thereby contributing to the benefits of the State, employee and the business itself.



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